About Us

Kia ora, Talofa lava, Afio mai, Talitai fiefia, Huanying guanglin, Svagat, Bula vanaka, kia orana, malo lelei, Namaste, As-Salam-u-Alaikum!

A warm welcome to Nga Tamariki Pauwai early childhood centre.
Nga Tamariki Puawai has been delivering quality day care for 12 years now, and we love it.

Our unique vision for early childhood education is about laying a foundation for a successful  life. It is more than delivering or sharing of knowledge; our goal is to nurture and develop the latent potential in each beautiful child, equipping them with tools to rise above average and be successful in life. Children are being educated from the time they are born either by design or by default. 

At Nga Tamariki Puawai, we believe in the God-given potential latent in each child and we purposefully develop and encourage that potential.

 To achieve this, our programme philosophy combines an emphasis on quality learning, character education and outstanding care. A major key to our success is our highly motivated staff, these qualified practitioners love children and their craft. Registered teacher ratio is kept high.

 When you entrust your child to us, they will marinate in a learning environment that is positive and caring. Everyday will be laced with opportunities to discover new learning, be adventurous, have fun, and enjoy warm relationships.

“The children at Nga Tamariki Puawai are confident, competent and clear communicators who are making their own choices in play and learning. They are shown love and respect by the teachers, who are consistently positive in their interactions. It is very clear that the virtues of care, respect and kindness are valued here. The environment is well resourced and the children have ample opportunity to choose from a wide range of resources and learning experiences. The teachers are engaged with children in different ways and are highly responsive to supporting social development”.

Angela Bush – Director, Education Unlimited Work based Training Specialists