Character Education

In partnership with Te Whariki we weave the two strands of our unique character curriculum into the culture of the Centre and delivery of the daily programme.

The two strands are:

 1. Identity – Each child has a heavenly Father who loves them

 2. Destiny – Each child is special

 As adults, this is the LENS, or GLASSES through which we view children, their behaviour and learning. Upon these two foundational truths the basic competencies, discoveries of learning and character can be developed.

We have observed that children who have been exposed to these truths at early childhood level, are more likely to be confident, self-assured, resourceful learners and communicators, healthy in the way they see themselves, secure enough to investigate their world and bold enough to rise above average.

When character education is combined with basic literacy, numeracy skills, and the

discovery of gifts and talents, the foundations for a life of success are established.